Dog Day Afternoon Doggy Dude Ranch was started by Phil and Julie Castaneda, March 1, 1999 in a 5000 square foot warehouse located in downtown Topeka, Kansas. Their goal was to provide area dog owners exceptional pet care in a safe and fun filled environment, with a focus on training, behavior and socialization. The business quickly grew and it wasn't long before the couple realized they would soon outgrow their current space.

One afternoon Julie stumbled across a property on West 10th Ave, just outside the Topeka city limits. She found the location attractive because it offered 5 acres of great outdoor space, unlike their current downtown warehouse facility. While they agreed the old barn left much to be desired, Phil and Julie decided to leave the decision to relocate up to their current clientele. To Julie’s surprise the unanimous decision was made by clients to move the business (and the dogs) to the outskirts of town.

The property was purchased in February of 2000 and with a lot of help from their dedicated clients, the doors were opened exactly one year later on March 1, 2000. And while the old dairy barn left much to be desired when compared to the brick warehouse, the clients seemed to prefer the more rural setting over the asphalt and concrete at the former location. The term Doggy Dude Ranch was added to the company name in an effort to reflect the unique outdoor experience now provided at Dog Day Afternoon.

Now operating an additional Resort style location in Northern Topeka, Julie and the rest of her DDA staff are committed to delivering an exceptional experience that clients won’t find anywhere else. Julie remains committed to the pet service industry, and maintains a focus on animal behavior, training, and grooming. She is proud to serve the Northeastern Kansas community with her expertise.

That’s the Dog Day Difference!

Sometimes you just gotta jump in there and see what you can make happen!
— Julie Castaneda